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Vincent le Noble
Executive Partner, IBM iX

Bjorn, compliments for the traction you managed to achieve in setting up and executing such transformation by leveraging your wealth of experience and your authentic leadership. It was a great pleasure to have been of this journey.

It was a true pleasure working with Guy, on professional and personal levels. Guy has extensive experience working with senior leadership on complex projects. He always takes time to listen to multiple stakeholders and finds solutions to meet their needs.

Eric Brockhus
President EMEA

Bjorn, doing the right thing for the longterm health of the company does not allways meet the applause that it deserves. This had not be an easy journey. Many thanks for staying on course. You, and the team, can be proud on what is achieved! I would like to thank you for all your contributions and a great time together.

I am happy to have worked closely with Guy on many international projects. His energy and passion for the importance of change management is always driven by him having the view of the end user at front of mind. He is able to understand the need and develop and deliver impactful communications at exactly the right level, whether it be strategic senior leadership presentations, project team alignment, or support for individual stakeholders. His excellent interpersonal skills and empathy for people enable him to gain trust and break down internal silos, bringing teams together across different business functions, international borders and cultures. Guy is a true professional in his field and was a significant asset to the organization.

In 2020, Guy and I worked closely on a strategic integration project in Europe. For me, who is rather coming from the business side Guy was a perfect complement because of his change management background. Combined with Guy’s plentiful interpersonal skills, and both of our penchants for people and processes, I found our collaboration extremely positive and value-add for the task at hand. Because “interpersonal” skills are so plentiful, I wanted to call out a few specific ones that I found extraordinary when working with Guy, which are his ability to active listening, his team orientation, his dependability and his empathy.

Aart Schutte
Transition Manager

Robert, it was great working with you there. I love your practical mindset. Solutions are there to be implemented, not to be talked about endlessly.